Fire retardant impregnation


ZPD EUREX offers comprehensive flame retardant services with the Burnblock. We impregnate with fire retardant for individual customers, industry and public use institutions. We offer two types of impregnation:

  • vacuum-pressure,
  • surface.

We impregnate all types of wood, as well as wood-based materials, especially plywood and LVL.

We offer fireproof products from the group of construction products, including: beams, supports, rafters, window and door lintels, beams, purlins, ridges, purlins, rafters, eaves boards, end boards, etc.


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Each impregnation is confirmed with a Security Protocol required by inspection authorities such as the State Fire Brigade. In addition, a printout/report of the autoclave impregnation process is included after vacuum-pressure impregnation.

BURNBLOCK is a 100% organic and non-toxic fireproofing product that is naturally and rapidly biodegradable. BURNBLOCK works effectively on all types of absorbent materials, as the product cuts off the oxygen supply and thus prevents fire expansion.

BURNBLOCK has received a high EuroClass B fire rating, which means that its properties are in line with the fire protection formulations of major international manufacturers.

BURNBLOCK has been thoroughly tested by the Building Research Institute and the Danish Technological Institute, which has issued a statement that the product is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

BURNBLOCK offers more than efficient fire protection – it offers safety for people.

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